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Classes - Strength

Simply Strength 1 visit free$49.99

This class takes the focus from cardio and endurance, and places it on Strength, built on top of perfect technique. Scalable for Beginners to Advanced exercisers.

Classes - Conditioning

FX Camps 1 visit free$49.99

This class is sure to blast through those pounds and get you in shape in no time! Get a workout in and finish out the day strong. Great class to achieve strength, cardio, and muscle tone gains.

Functional H.I.I.T 1 visit free$49.99

Classes - Mobility

Hatha Flow 1 visit freePlans available from $49.99

Vinyasa Flow 1 visit free$49.99

Recover-Fit 1 visit free$49.99

Candlelight Yoga 1 visit freePlans available from $49.99

In this slow flowing class, students will synchronize breath with movement in a heated room, around 80 degrees. This is a great class if you are looking to settle your nervous system or get a really good night’s sleep.In this class, you will open and stretch your muscles with slow movement, careful alignment, and conscious breath work.

Lunch Hour Flow 1 visit freePlans available from $49.99

Explore your edges as you build strength, tone muscles, balance and detoxify your body all while freeing and calming your mind through the rhythm of your breath. All Yoga classes will be held at the Yoga Studio.

Classes - Cardio

Rhythm ride 1 visit free$49.99

Diva Dance 1 visit free


Personal Training 1 visit free